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We provide adaptable turnkey solar photovoltaic energy solutions.

Datacor helps you plan your complete renewable energy project.

Affordable prices

Our Solar PV Solutions

We provide adaptable turnkey solar photovoltaic (PV) energy solutions that enable our clients to generate clean, affordable energy, with low maintenance, tailored to the needs of the project and environment.

Design & build Solutions

Nationwide Coverage

Maintenance & Upgrades

Financing Options

Datacor helps you plan your complete renewable energy project.

Datacor offers the full setup and maintenance of PV solutions, designed by our engineers to deliver high performance in any environment or weather. The design of our innovative solar products guarantees optimum durability as well as increased security to prevent damage.


Turnkey Solar PV Solutions

Solar power can help you reduce business operating expenses, increase energy independence and improve predictability of power costs.


Preliminary stage - Initial identification of the best location


Legal security validation


Identifying the optimal technical solution


Obtaining the necessary approvals


Construction and commissioning


Preliminary stage

Initial identification of the best location, on the ground or on the roof and establishing the perfect orientation.

Using the newest and most updated software systems we identify:

perfect location
perfect orientation
perfect inclination

in order to obtain the best Kwp / Kwh ratio.


Legal security validation, in partnership with a specialised company

We continuously research and get updates with regard to the latest legislative regulations for Photovoltaic solutions and any innovations in our field of work.

Our partners - internationally recognised law firms - help us with all the necessary due diligence procedures for projects and regularly inform us on all new changes in terms of legislation.


Technical documentation

Identifying the optimal technical parameters and making all the necessary technical documentation.


PV feasibility study
PV location notice
Study of PV connection solution
PV technical project, Technical design of PV connection installation
PV specifications, Specifications for PV connection installation
PV execution details, Execution details of PV connection installation
PV reception documentation, Receipt documentation for PV connection installation

Permits and approvals

Obtaining the necessary approvals including the general building permit.

Area classification plan and Zonal Urban Plan (construction of a photovoltaic park)
Confirmations of various institutions regarding the Zonal Urban Plan (Network Operators, Ministry of Culture, Museum Complex, County Council)
The approvals of the Environmental Protection Administration regarding the construction of a photovoltaic park
Authorization project (general, structure, electrical installations)
Building permit for the construction of a PV and/or connection installation
The approvals of the Environmental Protection Administration regarding the construction of a connection installation
Technical Connection Approval (ATR) for the Installed Power
Opinions from other regulatory institutions in the field of Energy such as, ANRE, TRANSELECTRICA


Our experienced team can address all services needed to implement a PV project:

connection to installations or to the network
verification of operation and verification of efficiency, delivery
operation and maintenance during the warranty period and post-warranty

Increased benefits

Our turnkey approach ensures the development of highly customised solar PV energy solutions, so that you can benefit from reliable, adaptable and affordable solutions that cut energy costs.

Installing solar panels helps to alleviate the strain on the local electric grid. If a solar installation is big enough, not only could it power the whole building, but you could sell electricity back into the grid and receive credit towards future power needs, while also helping to improve the variety of local energy sources.

Free Consultancy

Why Datacor?

We can estimate the amount of energy you can produce and what is the ROI of the solar system.

We work with companies that can provide leasing options for the solar systems.
A long-term agreement for electricity sourcing, at a fixed price and without any CAPEX for the buyer.
Solar panels generate around 30 times more power during their lifetime than what is required to manufacture them. Make your business a sustainable one, that doesn’t depend on other suppliers.

Datacor in numbers

Datacor is a Romanian company, with 22 years of experience in innovative communications solutions, security and electrical solutions, operating in the office, retail and industrial segments.

From 2002 until now, the company has grown continuously, reaching a team of 140 people and a turnover of 17,5 million euros.

22 years of activity
This year, we celebrate 22 years of Datacor, a time in which we’ve become one of the main providers of communications and security infrastructure solutions in the country.
17,5 million turnover
We continuously invest in the development of human resources, the digitalization of the company and in the automation of business processes.
140 employees
We continuously invest in human resource development and do our best to ensure that our team is one of well-trained professionals in this field.
5 offices
We have a presence throughout the country: Bistrita, where the administrative and logistical HQ is located, Bucharest, the secondary HQ and Cluj, as well as service centers in Iași and Timișoara.

Our vision

Environmental protection is becoming a global priority, one which we fully understand and support.

At Datacor, we want the company’s development to be as sustainable as possible, so in the company’s strategy we have a 5-year plan to reduce carbon emissions generated by our activity. We continously invest in the renewable energy production capacity, fleet renewal and afforestation projects with local NGOs. The goal is to have zero carbon emissions within 5 years.

With each new project we take on, we focus on providing energy-efficient solutions, as this translates into low operating costs for the client and a lower impact on the environment.

Our work

We practice what we preach and we do our best to protect our nature and contribute to an environmentally sustainable future. At the new headquarters located in Bistrița Sud Industrial Park, we have installed a system of PV panels, designed to increase the energy efficiency of the space and help reduce the carbon footprint.

One of the company’s objectives for 2021 is the implementation of the Environmental Management System – ISO 14001.